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Be safe when planting

Spring and summer are a popular time to plant new bushes and trees, and make other landscaping changes before at the beginning of the growing season. As you plant or transplant, make sure to keep electric reliability and safety in mind.

Dairyland must comply with North American Electric Reliability Corp. (NERC) standards regarding vegetation management to ensure safety and reliability.

Trees, shrubs and brush that come into contact with electrical transmission lines can create hazards that jeopardize the delivery of electricity, and more importantly, pose a significant risk of injury to people and property.

Trees, shrubs and plants that grow to a mature height of more than 12 feet are not compatible with the safe and reliable operation of an electrical transmission line. Mature heights of all vegetation must be considered when selecting plantings that will meet your aesthetic needs while avoiding height conflicts with overhead electric lines.

For more information on utility vegetation management requirements, and for a list of recommended plantings, please click the link below.

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