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Renewable Energy Resources

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Dairyland's Renewable Energy Resources (PDF)

Renewable Energy

Dairylandís renewable energy resources include hydro, wind, biomass, landfill gas, manure digesters and solar. Member cooperatives promote renewable energy to their consumers through Evergreen, a voluntary program in which people can choose to support Dairylandís renewable energy resources.

Dairylandís commitment to renewable resources grows each year, with new projects coming online regularly.

Consumer-owned renewable energy

Dairylandís member cooperatives have experienced a considerable increase in consumer-owned distributed renewable generation installations recently, thanks to favorable economics and decreased manufacturing costs. Dairyland works with our member cooperatives on policies that help enable the development of consumer-owned renewable energy projects including wind turbines and photovoltaic arrays (solar).

Over 300 consumer-owned distribution generation installations are located throughout Dairylandís service territory.

Dairyland is also a leader in the National Renewables Cooperative Organization, a national cooperative to develop renewable resources for all electric cooperatives across the nation.

For more information on the Evergreen program, and the different types of renewable energy generation in the Dairyland system, please click on the links below.
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