Dairyland Power Cooperative

Environmental Management and Stewardship Policy

Adopted by the Dairyland Board of Directors March 19, 2010.

I. Policy Statement

As a provider of energy that utilizes natural resources, Dairyland Power Cooperative recognizes our relationship with the environment. We are committed to a healthy environment, today and in the future. As we conduct our business we intend to comply with the intent, the letter and the spirit of all applicable environmental laws, regulations and commitments, while providing leadership in environmental stewardship.

II. Environmental Principles

Dairyland Power Cooperative will:

  • Employ our human, technological and financial resources to reduce the environmental impacts of our activities.

  • Practice responsible environmental stewardship of cooperative-owned properties and natural resources entrusted to our management, while working cooperatively with environmental stewardship partners to achieve goals that benefit the environment, DPC, and our partner organizations and communities.

  • Support research, development and utilization of renewable sources of energy (in agreement with DPC Board Policy #73).

  • Research and evaluate potential public health impacts when making planning and operating decisions.

  • Promote environmental education and energy conservation (in agreement with DPC Board Policy #3).

III. Implementation

Dairyland Power Cooperative will:

  • Establish and maintain an environmental management system to monitor, audit and manage environmental compliance at our facilities with the goal of continued improvement of environmental performance and pollution prevention.

  • Participate with legislators, governmental agencies and others in creating responsible laws and regulations to safeguard the environment, community and workplace consistent with our responsibilities as an energy provider.

  • Encourage and train our employees to be sensitive to the environment, and empower them to actively participate in our environmental management process. This will include, where appropriate, environmental compliance as a performance goal.

  • Develop programs to reuse and recycle materials and dispose of wastes in a safe and responsible manner.

  • Exceed minimum compliance where sound science and cost-effective technologies permit.

  • Cooperate with stakeholders, the media and regulatory agencies in responding to inquiries in a prompt and accurate manner.

  • Encourage reporting of any suspected violation of any environmental law or regulation and prevent retaliation against any employee reporting such matters in good faith, as provided in DPC Board Policy #46, Business Ethics.

  • Communicate this policy to our employees and others who work on our behalf and provide updates of our progress in environmental performance and environmental issues to our employees, members and the public.

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