Dairyland Power Cooperative

Distribution Automation

SubstationDairyland and its member cooperatives will be benefiting from Distribution Automation, an innovative communication technology currently in a pilot phase.

The new system, created by Dairyland Telecommunication and Operations Control Systems staff, provides a secure path for substation metering, control and automatic meter reading information from a substation to member cooperative offices.

This is a major efficiency improvement over past practices, which involved providing less timely cell phone communication from the substation to the cooperatives. The cost-effective technology allows cooperative members real-time access to substation data at their office location.

Services are streamlined, since both Dairyland and the cooperatives have one secure system for multiple purposes.

The new system is being rolled out a few substations at a time within the Dairyland system. All 25 member cooperatives will have the distribution automation system before the end of 2008.

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