Dairyland Power Cooperative

Power Delivery

Linemen maintaining Dairyland's transmission lines
Linemen maintaining Dairyland's transmission lines

Dairyland Power reorganized its Transmission Division in 2004, renaming the division Power Delivery. The restructuring was done to better acknowledge changes within the industry and allow for more efficient operations.

Power Delivery encompasses a number of critical functions for Dairyland in its mission to reliably and safely supply wholesale electricity to member cooperatives. Transmission, System Operations, and Telecommunications and Control now operate under the Power Delivery umbrella.

Transmission functions include local and regional planning, design, Real Estate/Right of Way/Survey, construction, vegetation management and maintenance and upgrades of substations and transmission lines. To learn more about the transmission system, click on the link below.

System Operations ensures reliability through constant oversight of Dairyland’s generation and transmission systems, using state-of-the-art computerized control and telecommunications systems. Dairyland system operators also direct control of the Load Management conservation system, and interact with GEN~SYS Energy, Dairyland’s wholesale power marketer.

Telecommunications and Controls is the name of the operational area that is composed of the Operations Control Systems and Telecommunications departments. Operations Control Systems is responsible for the Dairyland’s computerized Energy Management Systems and includes maintaining all support systems utilized for sharing data with neighboring utilities. Telecommunications provides voice and data communications services, including data collection and utility control equipment, located throughout the system.

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A Touchstone Energy Cooperative
A Touchstone Energy Cooperative