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Transmission System

Linemen maintaining Dairyland's transmission lines
power lines running through fields

To meet the expanding energy needs of its members, Dairyland continually improves its over 3,100 miles of transmission lines. Through regular maintenance and upgrades of the transmission system, member cooperatives are assured of a reliable supply of electricity. The line construction projects also include design upgrades that result in reduced energy loss and increased cost savings.

Managing the transmission portion of Dairylandís operations requires planning with other utilities, normally as part of a regional transmission organization (RTO). Dairyland is an active member of MISO (Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc.) and works to ensure that cooperative perspectives are included in decisions regarding the management of the vast electricity grid.

Ever-growing residential and business electrical use poses a troubling burden on the region’s aging transmission system. Currently, Dairyland is collaborating with neighboring utilities as part of an initiative called CAPX2020 to support power delivery projects in our region. The proposed projects will help bolster the overtaxed transmission system, and therefore help ensure reliable, safe electric service.

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