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Press Release Archive - 2018

  • Dairyland is advising area residents to be alert to a reported credit card scam, using Dairyland’s business identity. The report indicates that “spoofing” is used to fraudulently display Dairyland Power Cooperative on the Caller ID, so that it appears to be a legitimate business call. In fact, the caller is a conducting a credit card or “Medicare” scam, requesting personal finance information. Dairyland is a wholesale power provider, supplying the energy needs of 24 member distribution cooperatives in the Upper Midwest. Dairyland would never call an area resident requesting financial or identity information for any reason. If you receive a suspicious call from someone claiming to be from Dairyland, please disconnect immediately.
  • Dairyland is the founding member of the Electric Power Research Institute’s Power-in-Pollinator Initiative, which is the largest pollinator collaboration in North America. Dairyland is dedicated to protecting natural resources through sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. Pollinator gardens are being created at 18 of Dairyland’s solar energy facilities in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois. SoCore Energy and CMS Energy, the solar project developers, are using native seed mixes of grasses and flowers to create beneficial bee and butterfly habitat at each site. When complete later this year, a total of nearly 250 acres of new pollinator habitat will be established at the 18 sites. Dairyland is also moving forward with plans to create pollinator habitat at three of its substations. Pollinator gardens were seeded by Kulig Contracting (Whitehall, Wis.) earlier this month on two, one-acre substation sites in Wisconsin. Prairie Restorations, Inc., ( Princeton, Minn.) will seed a third, 3.5 acre substation site in Minnesota this fall.
  • Approximately 600 electric cooperative leaders and guests attended Dairyland’s 77th annual meeting at the La Crosse Center on June 6. The theme of the meeting was Renewed Commitment, emphasizing the long-term commitment Dairyland has with its member distribution cooperatives to serve co-op energy consumers. Barb Nick, President and CEO, spoke about how future success hinges on understanding the “job” cooperative members “hire” Dairyland to do. “We provide competitively priced, reliable and sustainable power. Today is about renewing our commitment to that job.” Nick emphasized the importance of evolving in step with a changing energy environment. “Providing competitive service in the future will look different, and we are committed to preparing for it. Dairyland is investing in the future of beneficial electrification. In 20 years, we will be ready to thrive in a smart new energy world… whatever it looks like.”
  • Dairyland Power Cooperative has finalized agreements for three additional utility-scale solar generation projects, bringing Dairyland’s total number of solar installations under contract to 18. The three new projects will increase the total solar generation from 20.5 MW to 25 MW in the Dairyland cooperative system. Once the three new solar energy facilities are online, the 18 sites will together be able to produce enough renewable energy to power nearly 4,000 homes. The power purchase agreements for the new projects are with SoCore Energy (Chicago, Ill.). Of the previously announced solar sites, 14 of 15 are with SoCore Energy and one agreement is with EDF Renewables (White River Junction, Vt.). The developers install, own, operate and maintain the facilities. Dairyland’s existing 15 solar energy sites are located in Wisconsin and Iowa. The new sites will be located in Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota, within Dairyland’s service territory. Construction will begin later this year.

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