Dairyland Power Cooperative

DPC at a Glance

2015 Annual Report
Dairyland member systems 25
Total consumer-member meters 258,208
Municipal customers 17
Population served (approximate) 600,000
Peak demand (reported to MISO) 995.5 MW (August 2015)
All-time peak 1,061 MW (July 2012)
2015 Power sales 5.9 billion kWh
2015 Total operating revenue $418.3 million
2015 Margins $26.7 million
2015 Total assets $1.5 billion
Owned generation capacity (coal) 894 MW
Owned generation capacity (hydro) 22 MW
Owned generation capacity (natural gas/oil) 74 MW
Landfill Gas (contracted, nameplate value) 4 MW
Manure Digesters (contracted, nameplate value)
1 MW
Hydro (contracted, nameplate value) 6 MW
Wind (contracted, nameplate value) 52 MW
Small solar(contracted) 1 MW
Municipals under contract (diesel) 143 MW
Miles of transmission line 3,195
Substations 292
Employees 551
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A Touchstone Energy Cooperative
A Touchstone Energy Cooperative