Electricity Supply and Pricing

Electricity Supply and Pricing

You want reliable electricity at a competitive price

Electric service reliability is critical to your business operations. You expect it to be there when you need it. We can work with your business to design an electric service that will help ensure optimum electric service reliability.

Whatever the nature of your business operations, your Touchstone Energy Cooperative offers an electric rate to fit your needs.

We receive higher customer satisfaction ratings than other utilities. We score higher on issues like electric service reliability, keeping electric costs low, and highly trained and professional employees. We care because we live here in your community, not in some far-off distant city. And, our facilities are close by so we can respond quickly to your concerns and needs.

Power Reliability Solutions


Do you need back-up generation for those times when Mother Nature interferes?

Your Touchstone Energy Cooperative is constantly working to make your electric service more reliable. However, every once in a while, Mother Nature interferes. That’s why we developed a customized power reliability program to help ensure your business continues to receive uninterrupted service.

We partner with engineers, equipment specialists and contractors to design and install the most efficient, reliable and cost-effective power back-up system to meet your need for uninterrupted power. We find the best solution for your business needs.

For more information concerning power reliability products and services available through your local Touchstone Energy Cooperative give us a call.

Power Quality Solutions


Is your production equipment and computer system adequately protected?

Businesses are increasingly concerned about the impact that minor fluctuations in the power supply can have on their computerized operations and process control equipment. These fluctuations can result in lost productivity and expensive process disruptions. Identifying the cause of power quality problems can be a complex matter.

Using sophisticated power quality monitoring equipment, our power quality specialists will come to your place of business to diagnose the problem and recommend appropriate solutions. If protection equipment is required, we can specify, provide and install uninterruptible power supplies and surge suppression equipment.

For more information concerning power quality products and services available through your local Touchstone Energy Cooperative give us a call.

Energy Efficiency Solutions


Free technical assistance from your Touchstone Energy Cooperative!

Technologies are changing rapidly. You know that you can save money through efficiencies but where do you start? The answer is as close as your Touchstone Energy Cooperative. And, the best part is that it won’t cost you anything - it’s part of the service provided by your local Touchstone Energy Cooperative. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call.

Lighting - Advances in technology have produced lighting systems that result in lower energy and maintenance costs. Efficient lighting systems that replace standard fluorescents also allow for more accurate color rendering, which may increase the marketability of products and/or contribute to increased employee productivity. Our energy professionals can advise you on anything from simple lighting retrofits to complex indoor and outdoor designs.

Heating and Cooling - Heating and cooling can be a significant portion of building operation costs. Employee productivity and product quality can depend on the ability to maintain even, comfortable temperatures. A popular option in new buildings is floor heat. Heating cable or tubing under the floor provides even, economical heat. Electric air conditioners and chillers provide efficient cooling for your buildings or processes. We can provide information and assistance to you and your contractor in evaluating heating and cooling options.

Motor Efficiency - By evaluating the motors in your facility, we can help you enhance efficiency and conserve energy. Investing a little more money in an efficient motor can pay substantial dividends over time.

Electrotechnologies - Increased production can be achieved in many manufacturing processes by implementing advanced technologies. Our energy experts can help you evaluate processes to improve quality and reduce energy consumption.

Energy Management Solutions


What can my business do to better manage energy-related costs?


The energy professionals at your Touchstone Energy Cooperative can provide your business with an array of energy management services. Our engineers and technicians are trained and certified to help you evaluate all aspects of your operations to identify opportunities to save you money and improve your profitability.

Energy Audits and Monitoring - With our customized energy audits, we can analyze your business energy utilization. Whether it’s a brief walk-through or a detailed analysis our energy specialists can recommend solutions to improve energy efficiency and enhance energy cost savings.

Bill Management - Your local electric cooperative can provide your business with a unique array of energy data management and bill payment services which can reduce on-going transaction costs and provide you with customized utility consumption data that will allow you to better manage your facilities.

Business Financing Solutions


Is there financial assistance available to my business?


Rebates - Your Touchstone Energy Cooperative may offer rebates for the installation of new lighting, heating, water heating and/or air conditioning equipment. Call us for more details.

Equipment Financing/Leasing - Whether your needs are large or small,& your Touchstone Energy Cooperative can assist you in evaluating and securing competitive financing/leasing options to help you purchase the back-up power system that is right for you.

Business Development Financing - Are you building a new facility or expanding an existing one? Will your project increase your facility’s energy consumption and create additional jobs? Your Touchstone Energy Cooperative may be able to assist your project with below-market rate financing. Funds may be used for building construction or the purchase of machinery and equipment. Give us a call to learn more.

Business Development Assistance


We provide business and site selection services at no charge and with full confidentiality.


Your Touchstone Energy Cooperative can help you find the right location and the right financing to make your project possible. We can also direct you to federal, state and local programs that will suit your needs and guide you through the application process. We’ll help you save time and, hopefully, some money. We have the right connections and can help put you in touch with the right people...those who are prepared to provide the specific kind of help you need.

More than ever before its important for your business to control expenses and enhance efficiency. We can help.