Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

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An array of financing programs may be available for your new or expanding business including loans, loan guarantees, grants, tax incentives, jobs training, etc. Funds can be available for a number of business and community development purposes such as real estate, building, equipment, and infrastructure improvements.

Your Touchstone Energy Cooperative may provide zero-interest and/or low-interest financing for business development projects that utilize electrical energy and create jobs. There may also be opportunities for economic development electric rate incentives and/or energy efficient lighting and/or equipment rebates.

We can help you optimize your financial opportunities by assessing programs, assembling the right package to fit your needs, and assisting you through the application process. Expand your opportunities. Call us at (608) 788-4000.

Site location assistance

State and community information

Because we work directly with communities within our service area in their economic development efforts, we can provide you with current information concerning the local and state business climate, labor availability, transportation networks, infrastructure, quality of life issues, key contacts and more.

Available buildings and sites around the region

Allow us to assist you in siting your project. We have knowledge of commercial and industrial sites and available buildings located around the region. Based on your needs, we can help you plan and coordinate your itinerary and accompany you on your community visits.


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