Glenworth Double Circuit

Project Status: IN SERVICE
Strategic Purpose:
Asset Reliability & Diversification
Project Contact: Steve Ambrose
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Glenworth Double Circuit

Dairyland Power Cooperative plans to rebuild 1.5 miles of two, 69,000-volt (69 kV) transmission lines between the ITC Glenworth Transmission Substation located on State Highway 65 in Worth County, Minn., to the existing Dairyland Exol Distribution Substation transmission line. The project will involve constructing a new line and structures along an existing Dairyland transmission corridor and transferring the existing transmission line to the newly built structures in a double-circuit configuration. This will reduce the amount of structures to maintain for the two separate line circuits and improve the system reliability for the area by extending the existing Dairyland Exol Distribution Substation transmission line all the way to the ITC Glenworth Transmission Substation.

Project At A Glance
County where facilities may be placed Freeborn County, Minn.
Distribution Cooperative Service Territory  

Line length 1.5 miles
Voltage 69 kV
Estimated project cost $1 million
End points ITC Glenworth Transmission Substation to Dairyland's Exol Distribution Substation
69 kV double-circuit transmission line















Schedule (all dates are anticipated and subject to change)
Right-of-way acquisition September 2020
Anticipated regulatory decision February 2021
Start of construction (right-of-way clearing) March 2021
Foundations, structures, line construction March 2021
Target in-service date April 2021