Rochester to Wabaco 161 kV Circuit

Strategic Purpose:
Asset Reliability & Diversification
Project Contact: Brandon Gustafson 
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Rochester to Wabaco 161 kV Circuit

Dairyland Power Cooperative plans to rebuild 13.2 miles of 161 kV transmission lines between its Rochester Transmission Substation located on 50th Ave SE in Olmsted County, Minn., to the existing Dairyland Wabaco Transmission Substation located on County Rd 4 in Wabasha County, Minn. The construction project will involve removing the existing two-pole wooden structures and rebuilding a new 161kV line with steel monopole structures and new conductor wires along an existing Dairyland transmission corridor. In addition to the line work, there will also be equipment upgrades made at both the Rochester and Wabaco Transmission Substations. The purpose of this work is to upgrade the transmission line's reliability in the area and allow for improved transmission of locally generated wind and solar electricity.  

Project At A Glance
Counties where facilities may be placed Olmstead & Wabasha Counties (Minn.)
Distribution Cooperative Service Territories


Line length 13.2 miles
Voltage 161 kV
Estimated project cost $9 million
End points Dairyland's Rochester Transmission Substation to the Dairyland Wabaco Transmission Substation
Upgrading a 161 kV line















Schedule (all dates are anticipated and subject to change)
Right-of-way acquisition January 2021
Start of construction (right-of-way clearing) January 2022
Foundations, structures, line construction October 2021
Target in-service date May 2022