Supporting Pollinator Habitat in the Upper Midwest

Supporting Pollinator Habitat in the Upper Midwest

June 23, 2021

As part of National Pollinator Week, Dairyland planted approximately 300 native prairie plants to add diversity and abundance at two of its pollinator sites. Fifteen species of native plants were planted at both the Genoa Prairie and Holland Substation.

Dairyland’s Pollinator Prairies
Since the 1990s, Dairyland has established approximately 50 acres of pollinator habitat near its generation facilities and substations. Early efforts focused on seeding nearly 40 acres atop a coal ash landfill cap near its retired G-3 power plant, otherwise known as the Genoa Prairie. Dairyland also enrolled 110 acres of bluff land property near the Alma Offsite into a conservation easement and actively manages a 7.5 acre bluff or “goat” prairie on the easement property. 
Since 2018, Dairyland has also created native pollinator prairies on over five acres of land adjacent to substation sites.

Video: Sharing Dairyland's pollinator habitat story
Dairyland is committed to protecting natural resources through sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. We are a founding member of EPRI’s Power-in-Pollinator Initiative, which is the largest pollinator protection collaboration in North America. A new video highlights Dairyland’s efforts to support pollinator habitat. 

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