Dairyland map 2023
Dairyland Power Cooperative (La Crosse, Wis.) serves 24 distribution cooperatives and 27 municipals in a four-state service area. Dairyland's Power Supply customers (as of Jan. 1, 2023) are: 1) Bangor, Wis.; 2) Clintonville, Wis.; 3) Cornell, Wis.; 4) Kiel, Wis.; 5) Manitowoc, Wis.; 6) Medford, Wis.; 7) Shawano, Wis.; 8) Stratford, Wis.; 9) Trempealeau, Wis.; 10) Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.

Dairyland, a Touchstone Energy Cooperative, was formed in December 1941. Headquartered in La Crosse, Wis., Dairyland provides the wholesale electrical requirements for 24 distribution cooperatives and 27 municipal utilities who, in turn, supply the energy needs of members and consumers in a four-state service area (Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois).

Today, the cooperative’s generating resources include coal, natural gas, hydro, wind, solar and biogas.


Dairyland Power Cooperative is an equal opportunity provider. Click here to reach the full nondiscrimination statement.