Beneficial Electrification


Dairyland Power Cooperative, a generation and transmission cooperative (G&T), provides its 24 member cooperatives and 17 municipal utility members access to reliable and affordable power resources which turns the lights on when they are needed. Renewable energy makes up 20 percent of Dairyland’s overall power generation portfolio, which continues to grow. A greener grid - paired with energy efficiency (which helps consumer-members save energy and money) - is called beneficial electrification.

Beneficial electrification - also referred to in the utility industry as efficient electric - encourages the electrification of appliances or equipment that have - historically - been powered by fossil fuels. Examples include water heaters, vehicles, stoves, clothes dryers, heating and cooling systems, and even lawn tools and commercial forklifts. When this happens, members benefit from improved energy efficiency, reduced emissions, increasing renewable energy power mix and, in many cases, quieter operation. 
Dairyland’s strategic plan to support more renewable generation resources means a consumer-member’s investment in an efficient electric appliance, vehicle, water heater, clothes dryer, etc., will be powered by a higher percentage of renewable energy throughout the life of the electric device. Electricity-powered devices are efficient, green and smart, and a member services representative at their local electric cooperative is the go-to resource for consumer-members to talk to when it comes to making "electric" purchases.
Dairyland is a member of the following organizations that promote and research beneficial electrification:
Beneficial Electrification League
Efficient Electrification at EPRI