The following guidelines shall generally apply in dealing with contribution requests:

  1. Contributions should be focused geographically within those areas where Dairyland Power Cooperative has major facilities (i.e., La Crosse, Genoa, Alma, Ladysmith, Elk Mound) or consumer-members, and in those communities in which Dairyland employees live. This restriction shall not apply if an organization is located outside the service area, but provides programs and benefits to the consumer-members served by Dairyland.
  2. Contributions are generally restricted to non-profit organizations which have been granted Section 501c(3) tax-exempt status.
  3. Contributions are generally targeted toward the following types of organizations/services:
    1. Community Service and Development: Programs and organizations which are important components of a community’s overall quality of life, with emphasis on public safety, community development and the cultural environment of communities.
    2. Environmental: Programs that promote environmental stewardship.
    3. Education: Programs that reflect Dairyland’s business and membership interests.
    4. Non-Profit: Charitable organizations, such as United Way, March of Dimes, Special Olympics, located within the Dairyland service area.
    5. In-Kind Contributions: Dairyland contributes gifts “in-kind” to charitable organizations (i.e., prizes for fundraising events, printing services, Rotary Lights assistance, etc.).
    6. Emergency Fund: For emergency help in case of community crisis.
  4. Consideration will be given by the Corporate Contributions Team to the following:
    1. The efficiency, management and reputation of the organization.
    2. Other sources of support to the organization.
    3. Cooperative affiliations of the organization and relationship with local member co-ops.