Project Status: IN-SERVICE
Strategic Purpose: Cooperative Purpose
Project Contact: Brandon Gustafson
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Hanson Transmission / Distribution Substation

Dairyland Power Cooperative is building four miles of 69,000-volt (69 kV) transmission line to the new Dairyland Hanson Distribution Substation located on Eagle Rd. near the Village of Spencer in Marathon County, Wis. The new transmission line and substation will increase local distribution capacity and improve system reliability for the cooperative members in this service territory.

Project At A Glance

Counties where facilities may be placed Clark and Marathon Counties, Wis.
Distribution Cooperative Service Territory

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Line length 4 miles
Voltage 69 kV
Estimated project cost $2.4 million
End points Xcel Energy interconnect located west of Spencer, Wis., to the Dairyland Hanson distribution substation

Schedule (all dates are anticipated and subject to change)

Right-of-way acquisition September 2019
Anticipated regulatory decision April 2021
Start of construction (right-of-way clearing) April 2021
Foundations, structures, line construction April 2021
Target in-service date August 2021


69 kV Transmission Line

69 kV