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Dairyland has funded and assisted with implementation of the first electric vehicle (EV) fast charger at a Kwik Trip in the State of Minnesota. The Level 3,180 kW ABB Fast Charger is located at the Kwik Trip in Schumann Business Park in Stewartville, Minn. A brief dedication event was held on Wednesday, Aug. 24. (Photo: Dairyland EVP/COO Ben Porath and Manager, Innovation & Efficient Electrification Jeff Springer joined representatives from People's Energy Cooperative, Kwik Trip and local EV enthusiasts at the dedication.)

People’s Energy Cooperative, a Dairyland member cooperative, serves the Stewartville Kwik Trip and is also the EV fast charger operator. Dairyland owns the ABB fast charger and partnered with ZEF Energy as the vendor.

“This is the second major milestone for beneficial electrification in our region,” said Brent Ridge, Dairyland President and CEO. “Dairyland collaborated with our member Riverland Energy Cooperative on an identical fast charger at a Holmen Kwik Trip in Wisconsin earlier this year. Thanks to the partnership with People’s Energy Cooperative and Kwik Trip, we are now expanding this essential infrastructure into Minnesota.”

The 180 kW fast charger is three times faster than the average charger, giving EV drivers an efficient, convenient “refueling” experience at Kwik Trip.

“This partnership of regional companies is working together to ensure Minnesota and the upper Midwest isn’t left behind in the transition to electric vehicles,” said Mike Henke, People’s Energy Cooperative President and CEO.

Looking for a charging station? Check out the PlugShare app to locate charging infrastructure along your route. EV chargers are located at restaurants, hotels, golf courses, convenience stores and multi-family housing sites. Dairyland’s member cooperatives serve chargers at eight sites along Interstate highways.