Project Status: IN SERVICE
Strategic Purpose: Asset Reliability & Diversification
Project Contact: Eric Dummer
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Frenchville to Ettrick

Dairyland Power Cooperative is rebuilding 11 miles of a 69,000-volt (69 kV) transmission line from an interconnect at an existing Dairyland Power 69 kV transmission line located on Fox Coulee Road to the Xcel Energy Ettrick Distribution Substation located along County Road D in Trempealeau County, Wis. The line is aging and reaching the end of its asset life. The project will involve removing the existing line and rebuilding it in both new and existing corridors.

The reason for acquiring a new corridor is to improve system reliability by locating the line closer to existing roads, which will make the line more easily accessible to maintenance crews. Additional work will be completed at the Dairyland Frenchville Distribution Substation.    

Project At A Glance

County where facilities may be placed Trempealeau County, Wis.
Distribution Cooperative Service Territories


Line length 11 miles
Voltage 69 kV
Estimated project cost $3.5 million
End points Interconnect with existing Dairyland 69 kV transmission line to Xcel Energy's Ettrick distribution substation

Schedule (all dates are anticipated and subject to change)

Right-of-way acquisition August 2020
Anticipated regulatory decision December 2021
Start of construction (right-of-way clearing) January 2022
Foundations, structures, line construction November 2022
Target in-service date July 2023


69 kV Transmission Line

69 kV