Osprey Cam

Dairyland introduced an Osprey Cam on the Dairyland Reservoir near Ladysmith, Wis., in celebration of Earth Day on April 22, 2022. 

The Osprey Cam is a cooperative effort among Jump River Electric Cooperative, the Raptor Resource Project and Dairyland Power. The poles and Osprey stand were donated and installed by Jump River near the Dairyland Reservoir; Dairyland provided the camera system which was installed by the Raptor Resource Project.

A live feed link will be added below when the camera is back up and running to experience "real time" online birdwatching at the Osprey stand during nesting season.

About Osprey

Osprey are large raptors known as fish-hawk and characterized by a short tail, long, narrow wings and finger-like feathers. Their keen vision allows them to detect underwater objects from the air. Their natural habitat is near water, along coasts, rivers and lakes where they hunt fish. Migration patterns often follow coastlines, lakeshores, rivers and mountain ranges. Osprey usually lay three eggs which are incubated by the pair for about 38 days and fledge about 51-54 days from hatching.