Genoa Station #3 Retires After 52 Years

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Dairyland’s 345 MW Genoa Station #3 (G-3) will be retired June 1, following 52 years of providing safe, reliable power to the region. G-3 employees completed the plant’s last day of operation on April 11, following depletion of the usable coal inventory. 

“We are very grateful to our G-3 employees for the incredible performance and professionalism they have demonstrated in getting us safely to retirement,” said President and CEO Brent Ridge. “On behalf of everyone at Dairyland, thank you for your remarkable service to our membership.“

Dairyland announced the retirement of the coal-fired power plant in January 2020. G-3 has reliably powered the region for more than five decades. The supercritical facility, which was brought online in June 1969, was designed to be highly efficient and used low sulfur coal delivered by barge.